UV Treatment

UV-LED is the Ideal Solution

How does UV-LED Disinfection Work?

UV disinfection kills harmful microorganisms by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

How do you Measure Disinfection Rates?


Log reduction is a measure of how many living microbes were eliminated from
the water after treatment. Acuva’s UV-LED products are proven to offer up to 6-log reduction (>99.9999@ disinfection)

UV-LED System vs UV Lamp System

The conventional technique for UV water treatment utilizes UV mercury lamps.
However, there are serious concerns related to the environmental impacts and
performance limitations of UV-lamps.

Acuva’s Patented Technology

UV-LED IntenseBeam Technology developed
at the University of British Columbia.

Low Power Consumption

Long Life Time & No Performance Degradation

No Maintenance Needed

Flow-activated Power On/off

Intelligent Self-monitoring for Safe Operation


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