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Acuva™ Partners with Texino

Texino is a company based in Los Angeles, CA that sell and rents vans equipped for adventure. Fabricating vehicle conversions in-house, Texino sources the highest possible materials, components and methods to live comfortably while on the road. They partnered with Acuva Technologies to install ArrowMAX water filtration systems in converted vans, providing their customers with a lightweight, low-maintenance way to source fresh drinking water

The perfect under the sink water purification system for your van conversion!

Ideal form factor & easy to install; it’s drinking water you can trust.

Talk to us about becoming an Acuva distributor, dealer, or installation partner to provide clean drinking water solutions for your customers.

"If you're in an environment where you can pull water from, and feel comfortable drinking it, it's a peace of mind thing as much as a sustainability one... and truly a life sustaining one."

Nick Devane
Texino – CEO, Founder


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