ACUVA Solarix

Portable Surface Disinfection Device

In today’s current climate, disinfection and personal hygiene have
become increasingly more important. As well as being a portable
device, the Acuva™ SOLARIX has many other benefits.

Reduce Risk with the
Wave of Your Hand

The Acuva SOLARIX disinfects surfaces to a 99.9% level of disinfection within 10 seconds. 

Effective Against


Did you know that touching contaminated surfaces is one of the fastest ways to spread harmful contaminants to each other? The most effective way to reduce exposure is to eliminate as many of the microbial contaminants as possible with UV-C light! Trust in the science of UV-LED.

99.9% disinfection of
non-porous surfaces
in less than 10 seconds

99.9% disinfection against COVID-19, so you can rest assured that you will remain safe and protected during the pandemic.

180-270 degrees adjustable
UV disinfection light

Engineered to protect the user from accidental UV exposure. Equipped with a blue visual map that displays area of disinfection.

Compact & Foldable

Just a tad bigger than your mobile phone. On a plane or on a road trip — Acuva Solarix is the travel buddy you don’t mind tagging along.

Disinfection Rate

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Kills Contaminants
in Seconds


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